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An Alliance for the 21st century: the insight of the youth
An Alliance for the 21st century: the insight of the youth
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The project aimed at involving students and discussing with the young generation the role and possible future priorities of NATO through the organization of two events and the contest "ImmagiNATO", that pushed students to discover more about NATO and challenge themselves on imagining the possible future outlook of the Alliance.

In the context of the profound changes in progress in the European and global geopolitical and security scenarios, NATO is going through an important internal reflection process, aimed at defining the posture that the Alliance will and must assume in the coming decades. In such a process, a key step is to effectively communicate to the outside world the transformation NATO is undergoing and the role it plays and will continue to play in protecting the transatlantic community.

The project “AN ALLIANCE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: THE INSIGHT OF THE YOUTH”, carried out in cooperation with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, aims to involve young university students in order to make them aware of, and at the same time participate in, the process of internal reflection and transformation taking place within the Atlantic Alliance. Firstly, Italian university students take part in a contest to draft a paper on issues relating to the future of NATO, ranging from geopolitics to technology and climate security. In a second phase, the winning students present their papers during a conference with relevant experts and stakeholders, whose central theme is the challenges and future prospects of the Alliance. Finally, in the third phase, the winning students participate in a podcast in which they discuss the issues they address in their paper and describe their perspective on the future of NATO.