CeSI - Center for International Studies

CeSI - Center for International Studies is an independent think tank founded in 2004 by Andrea Margelletti, who has been its President ever since.

The activity of the Institute has always focused on the analysis of international relations and the dynamics of security and defense, with particular attention devoted to areas of crisis and the dynamics of radicalization and extremism, afterwards expanding its analytical tools also in the field of geoeconomics and conflict prevention.

The flagship of CeSI is certainly its analytical methodology which is based on an in-depth knowledge of the analised context, on a daily and transversal information research and on a periodic visit in the areas of interest, which allows the analysts of the Institute to carry out timely and dynamic work. Furthermore, the Institute has created a wide network of collaborations and partnerships with other think tanks, universities, institutional and non-institutional stakeholders in the reference countries.

The goal is to provide tools which will contribute to help to better understand the reality and provide useful elements for decision making. What the CeSI intends to provide is a multifaceted approach which, in the complexity of the contemporary world, is based on an understanding at 360° of the dynamics in action by the actor.



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