Andrea Margelletti

President of Ce.S.I. - Centro Studi Internazionali

Andrea Margelletti, former Strategic Advisor from 2012 to 2018, is the Advisor for Security and Counter Terrorism Policies of the Minister of Defense.

Andrea Margelletti was on several occasions a speaker at the Fourth Commission “Special Policies and Decolonization” of the United Nations General Assembly in New York to talk about the security situation in the Sahel region.

Andrea Margelletti is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Investigation and Security Sciences of the University of Perugia and Narni, the National School of Intelligence Training, the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers School of the Carabinieri, the High Studies Institute for State Defense Major of Defense, the Italian Army’s Post-Conflict Operations Studies Center, the Economic-Financial Police School and the Specialization Training Center of the Guardia di Finanza, the Joint Intelligence Center of the Defense Staff. Commentator of RAI, Mediaset, CNN, Al Jazeera, SKY, MSNBC, TV2000 and Radio Rai as regards international problems. Columnist of the Messaggero, Il Mattino and of the QN Quotidiano Nazionale group. The President is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Current Affairs, a journal of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI).

He is the author of the book “Un mondo in bilico” published by Eurilink.

He is an Honorary Academician of the Accademia Angelica Costantiniana, Commendatore pro Merito Melitensi of the SMOM - Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Knight of OMRI - Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Andrea Margelletti is the first and only honorary member of the Italian Special Forces.