Spotlight: Geoeconomics
Think Blue
Think Blue
Think Blue intends to promote a new idea of the maritime domain, where Italy can acknowledge a focal dimension for its national interests. The project aims at stimulating the strategic reflection for developing a more coordinated approach between the security and Defence needs and the economic ones linked to internationalization, trade and to the overall sector of the economy of the sea.

The scope is to generate a "motor of strategic reflection" destined to create a more coordinated approach between the requirements of security and defense and those commercial devoted to the internationalization and the commercial interchange for the Mediterranean Widened.
In such a way, the program is developing a strategic synthesis that can afford the political decision-maker to have more clearly the real implications of the marine dimension of our Country in the production of GDP and the dynamics of transformation of goods successively intended not only for domestic consumption but also to further the re-export processes.
On the security front, the program explores the possibility of building new partnerships in the field of maritime safety with primary regional actors active in the Mediterranean Enlarged supporting, so, the new strategic concept of the Navy