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The impact of Covid-19 on Human Security
The impact of Covid-19 on Human Security
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The project wants to understand how the pandemic has affected Human Security, both at a theoretical-conceptual and practical level. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been multiform, heterogeneous, diversified and capable of producing direct effects on the stability of individuals, communities and states. Trying to measure it or to interpret it from a sectorial or monothematic perspective is dangerous and misleading, as can easily bring to the loss of the overall vision, the pervasiveness and the globality of the phenomenon. On the contrary, only a holistic analysis under the interpretative lens of the concept of Human Security appears capable of offering a more extensive and in-depth look at the Covid topic.

The project aims to analyze the impact of the pandemic on human health determinants and, consequently, how their modification can affect international stability.
Specifically, the project aims to identify how the pandemic of covid-19 has influenced food security, economic, social and political both at the level of global macro-dynamics and, more in detail, in areas of specific interest for Italian foreign policy. The project aims to develop a lasting reflection, focusing each year on specific themes or areas of interest. In this way, the aim is to provide an extensive overview of the global impacts of the pandemic on human security, seeking to identify those tame evolutionary trends shortly. The project aims to encourage critical reflection in the economic, political, security and humanitarian fields, offering policy recommendations for Italian stakeholders.