24 OTTOBRE 2018
Seeds of Peace: Food Security for Stability in the Sahel
24 october 2018
Associazione della stampa estera
via dell'umiltà 83/c
00187 Rome

Since the 70’s, the wide Sahel region has been struck by a persistent and prolonged humanitarian crisis, coming from climate change and its dramatic environmental impacts, such as droughts, famine and reduced land resources. This humanitarian crisis has exacerbated political and social tensions between the different local communities, exacerbating conflicts and increasing propagation and popular support of non-State armed groups and jihadist networks. In fact, insurgent and terrorist movements have gradually built their legitimacy on the control and management of resources and food. The area of the Sahel abounds both of already established examples, such as Boko Haram in Lake Chad, and of cases in constant evolution, such as the radicalization of ever-increasing sections of the Fulani population. In fact, the latter are a semi-nomadic pastoralist community that, because of the drought and the need to move to look for new pastures, has come into conflict with sedentary farm societies. The abandonment of economic and political protections by the Sahel States has made the Fulani the main target of jihadist propaganda and proselytism, turning them into a potential huge recruitment basin in the region. Based on these considerations, it is clear that better management of natural resources (i.e. soil, water, livestock, rangelands, agricultural commodities) in crisis areas has the potential to deprive such groups of one of the fundamental support pillars, undermining their ability to grow and strengthen.




Maarten Van Aalderen, Deputy President of the Foreign Press Association in Rome

Opening remarks

Pierfrancesco Sacco, Permanent Representative of  Italy to the UN Agencies in Rome

Giorgio Bartolomucci, Secretary General of Festival della Diplomazia



Marco Di Liddo, Senior Analyst del Ce.S.I. - Centro Studi Internazionali


Arif Husain, Chief Economist WFP

Lisandro Martin, Director West and Central Africa Division and the Acting Director of the Operational Policy and Results Division, IFAD

Dominique Burgeon, Director, Emergency and Rehabilitation Division and Strategic Programme Leader, Resilience, FAO

Paolo Quercia, Director CeNASS

Stefano Polli, Deputy Director ANSA


Gabriele Iacovino, Director of Ce.S.I. - Centro Studi Internazionali


Working language: English

Organized in collaboration with Festival della Diplomazia


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